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  1. Dong-Yoon Jang, Young-Pil Kim, Hak-Sung Kim and Yang-Kyu Choi, <Sub-lithographic Vertical Nanogap Fabrication for Electrical Detection of Protein-Ligand Interactions>, The 49th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology &amp; Nanofabrication, pp. 431-432, May. 31.~June. 3., 2005., Orlando, USA file
  2. Hak-Sung Kim et al., <Modulation of the Substrate Specificity of d-hydantoinase, (αβ)8 Barrel Protein, by the Structure-based Design of the Active Site Loops>, APBioChEC 05', 2005, Jeju, Korea
  3. Hak-Sung Kim et al., <Constructng the L-Threonine-Overproducing E.coli Strain Based on the Global Analysis of Transcriptome and Proteome>, APBioChEC 05', 2005, 제주, 대한민국
  4. Hak-Sung Kim, Eunkeu Oh, Mi-Young Hong, Dohoon Lee, Sunghun Nam, and Hyun C. Yoon, <Sensing the specific Niomolecular Interactions based on the Photoluminescence Quenching of Quantum Dots by Gold Nanoparticles>, Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference (APBioChEC), 2005, Jeju, Korea
  5. Hak-Sung Kim, <Design and evolution of an enzyme with new catalytic activity using an existing protein scaffold>, Enzyme Engineering XVIII, 2005, Kyungju, Korea
  6. Hee-Sung Park et al., <Design of the active site architecture of enzymes for evolution of new catalytic function>, Enzyme Engineering XVIII, 2005, Kyungju, Korea
  7. Dohoon Lee et al., <Mesocellular carbon foam with a bimodal structure and its use for enzyme immobilization>, Enzyme Engineering XVIII, 2005, Kyungju, Korea

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