Analytical Sciences,Vol.12. 597-604, 1996

Experimental and Theoretical Analyses on Factors Affecting the Performance of Polypyrrole/Glucose Oxidase Biosensor : Permeability Aspect of Polypyrrole Film

Min-Chol Shin , Hyun C. Yoon and Hak-Sung Kim

The effects of film thickness and enzyme concentration in the electrodeposition soulution on the analytical performance of polypyrrole/glucose oxidase(PPy/GOD) biosensor were investigated. The optimum film thickness which maximizes the catalytic current of the electrode was observed at a given enzyme concentration, and this optimum thickness moved down to a thinner region with increasing concentration of enzyme. On the basis of the above results, the conditions for electrochemical deposition of the polypyrrole films were optimized. Theoretical analyses were conducted to elucidate the experimental results. The effect of electrodeposition conditions on the analytical performance of the PPy/GOD biosensor was evaluated in terms of response characteristics, sensitivity, and operational stability.