Sensors and Actuators B, Vol.30. 137-141, 1996

Electrchemical adsorption of glucose oxidase onto polypyrrole film for the construction of a glucose biosensor

Joong-Hoon Cho, Min-Chol Shin, Hak-Sung Kim

By electrochemical adsorption of glucose oxidase(GOD) on a polypyrrole(PPy) layer, a heterobilayer glucose electrode with the configuration Pt/PPy/GOD has been constructed. The PPy film is grown on the platinum surface by galvanostatic electropolymerization, and its thickness is optimized to act as an anti-interference layer against electro-oxidizable interfering compounds such as ascorbate. The optimal conditions for the fabrification of the Pt/PPy/GOD electrode and the characteristics of the resulting electrode are investigated. The diffusion of glucose through the PPy film is analysed electrochemically by comparison of the level of current coming from the Pt/PPy/GOD and Pt/PPy/GOD/PPy electrodes, respectively.