Biotechnol. Lett., Vol.16(5), 461-466, 1994

Isolation of Thermostable D-Hydantoinase-Producing Thermophilic Bacillus sp SD-1

Seung-Goo Lee, Dong-Cheol Lee, Moon-Hee Sung and Hak-Sung Kim

A thermophilic bacterium which showed highest thermostability and activity of the hydantoinase was isolated from 1000 thermophiles and identified to be Bacillus sp. SD-1 according to morphological and physiological characteristics. The optimal growth temperature of the bacterium was about 60C. The hydantoinase of Bacillus sp SD-1 was strictly D-specific, and optimal pH and temperature were determined to be about 8.0 and 70C, respectively. The D-hydantoinase was stable upto 70C, and half-life of the enzyme was about 20 min at 80C