Biotechnol.Prog., vol9(1), 46-53, 1993

Simultaneous Biodegradation of Toluene and p-Xylene in a Novel Bioreactor : Experimental Results and Mathematical Analysis

Jang-Young Lee, Yong-Bok Choi, and Hak-Sung Kim

Simultaneous biodegradation of toluene and p-xylene was performed in a novel bioreactor, and the performance was analyzed on the basis of both experimental and mathematical simulation results. The novel bioreactor employed a silicon tubing as a supplier of the aromatic solvents to be treated, and the transfer rate of toluene and p-xylene into the culture broth was easily controlled. Batch, sequencing batch, and continous mode of operation were carried out in the novel bioreactor to compare the performance of the biodegradation of solvent mixture. Sequencingbatch operation was shown to present higher biodegradation rates and operational stability. The continous biodegradation process was amthematically simulated, and operational conditions were optimized on the basis of the simulation results.