Biotechnol.Tech., Vol.6 No.6 489-492, 1992

A Novel Method to Supply the Inhibitory Aromatic Compounds in Aerobic Biodegradation Process

Yong-Bok Choi, Jang-Young Lee, Hye-Kyung Lim, and Hak-Sung Kim

To efficiently supply inhibitory aromatic solvents such as benzene, toluene, and xylenes in liquid phase for aerobic biodegradation processes, a novel technique was developed. Silicon tubing was immersed in the bioreactor and liquid solvent was circulated within the tubing from a solvent reservoir. Transfer rate if the solvent through a silicon tubing was significant affected by impeller speed, whereas other operating parameters such as aeration rate and circulation rate of liquid solvent within the tubing showed a negligible effect. Areobic biodegradation of toluene and p-xylene was carried out using this method and the biodegradation rate of solvent mixture was high compared to thse conventional methods.