Eur.Congr.Biotechnol. (1984) 3 Meet., Vol.2, 497-501 Use of alcohol-dehydrogenase for flavor aldehyde production

Legoy-M-D; Kim-H-S; Thomas-D

The use of alcohol-dehydrogenase is proposed for the production of food additives. Horse liver alcohol-dehydrogenase (HLADH) (EC- was immobilized by entrapment in Sepharose 4B and was protected by albumin in the presence of geraniol, 1 methoxy-phosphate buffer and NAD+. After 25 hr geranial was produced with 50% substrate conversion and a cycle number of 10 for each NAD molecule in the presence of 91% organic solvent. An immobilization procedure was also used involving immobilizing HLADH and NAD+ by crosslinking with glutaradehyde in the presence of albumin. Hexane was chosen as the organic solvent. Coenzyme regeneration increased as NAD+ concentration decreased and as the substrate concentration increased. Thus using a biphasic aq. organic system it was possible to work with the coimmobilization of unstable enzyme and cofactor.